Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fred Head Meeting Update!!

Hello FredHeads!

We had a great meeting today. Tim, from Ohio4Fred wrote the e-mail below, which summarizes things very well. I just want to add to the information below a BIG thanks to Tim for kicking this in gear and doing a great job with the information packet we got at the meeting. At this point, what we all need to focus on is getting volunteers. You may recruit 100 people to say they will help with a campaign, but in reality only 2-3 will be very active volunteers, another 10 will do a few things, 50 may not do anything but get e-mails and vote and the rest may just put up a sign in their yard. All of which are very important, but as you can see you need to get many more people signed up than you REALLY need for a campaign-- so your assignment is to recruit people and have them sign up through the SWOhio4Fred site.

I encourage you to visit Tim's website which has lots of very helpful information about Fred and the issues. Use that as a resource.All my other thoughts are stated in Tim's e-mail below.

Thanks to all who came.

I just wanted to report back that the inaugural meeting of Ohio4Fred and SW Ohioans 4 Fred Thompson was a success. We had six members in attendance, which I thought was very good for a weekday afternoon on two days notice.
Everyone was very enthusiastic, and we had some very good discussion about
Fred, the issues, other candidates, and where we go from here. We seem to
have some very good people on board, and we began developing some good ideas for moving ahead.
I want to thank those that were able to find time to meet this afternoon, and apologize to those that could not make it because of the timing and short notice. We hope to schedule future meetings further in advance, and will schedule for the evening when possible.
I will be following this up later with some more detailed information on what we discussed, and we will also be requesting some specific actions from each of us. It is time to get to work.
I want to offer a special thanks to Christa of SE Ohioans 4 Fred. She brings much valuable campaign experience to our group, and will really help to make our efforts a success. Please take the time to visit her at, especially if you are in the SW corner of the State.
Fred Thompson in 2008!! Ohio, Ohio, Ohio!! Lets deliver Ohio to Fred!
Thanks to All,

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